Cassie Sakahara

CEO and Founder

I grew up in a small town in the Minnesota and I knew my purpose in life was to help others, all of my life that is what I have always done. My Grandma Rose suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease and I remember the pain my family went through and the struggles we faced with finding care where she could feel comfortable. From those moments I knew I wanted to do something more important, more meaningful, for those that needed it most so they wouldn’t have to go through the same experiences as our family did. I was struggling with locating opportunities that fit the piece I was looking for and so I made a bold decision to move out to California after completing a few years of college and a goal in mind.

I am grateful to be able to say I started my life-long dream career in 2011. I became a personal connection for people searching for care and the right communities to fit their needs. I felt and saw the difference I was able to make for so many people. Still there was some I was not able to reach, to do this, I knew I needed to build my own company to meet the diversified needs of everyone. In 2014 began my journey and creation of A Senior Connection.

I received my RCFE Administrators License and throughout the years have continued to participate in classes and lectures to educate myself further. In 2019 I was elected to serve as Vice President of the Sacramento Chapter of the National Placement and Referral Alliance and Chair of the Best Practices and Ethics Committees, and continue to serve today.

I hold strong to my values to be a leader for my team and community.


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