A Warm Voice Available Within Minutes

Many of our clients are going through an experience that has triggered the need to immediately locate the right care for their physical and financial needs.

  • Our experienced senior consultants are only a phone call away
  • We take the time to listen to you and answer all your questions
  • We will ¬†provide you the right information on the types of resources available
  • We will move forward at the pace you need

We are experienced with coordinating services and how to walk you through the system, whether you are at home, in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.


Personalized Assessment of Needs

A proper assessment is vital in determining the right care plan and appropriate resources to refer.

  • We complete an in-depth and thorough assessment of your personal needs
  • We get to know the unique things about you
  • Our caring approach is what ensures we can make your journey a little easier


We Connect You to the Right Resources

Trying to understand the maze of senior care services is stressful and sometimes feels impossible to understand. Many families are often frustrated as they are often caught in the circle of being passed from group to another without answers or help.

  • We have researched the thousands of resources for you
  • We vet and get to know our resources
  • We share transparent information on their services, costs and daily operations
  • We will not offer you a resource that is not appropriate to you

When we refer someone to you, feel confident knowing they can accommodate your personalized needs and situation. Remember one resource might work well for one person, but not for someone else.


We Tour Pre-Qualified Options Together

Once we have a complete assessment of all your needs, we develop a care plan together with you.

  • When you are ready, we schedule a time to see the options convenient for you
  • We make all the arrangements to tour options together
  • These options will be based on your specific care plan
  • We walk you through the communities with a representative from each
  • We ensure your needs, their services, and the important details are discussed


Transition to Your Next Step of Care Successfully!

As you are preparing to transition to your next step, we continue to be there with you.

  • We ensure all required documents are in order, supplies are in place, and additional items needed are ready.
  • We guide you through each step of the move to ease your stress.
  • Once you have settled into your next step we check in.

It is important to us that we know are happy and your needs are being met, if there are ever any questions or concerns after you have moved in, you can always reach out to us when you need.


What is the cost of our placement and referral services?

Free! A Senior Connection receives their fees from the communities we work with. This is the standard practice in our industry and a great way to help families without imposing an extra financial burden to them.


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