What’s the difference between reminiscing vs remembering ?

Both involve recalling an event, but reminiscing is more about a collection of fond memories from the past.

For example: The Smith family reunion is every year at Lake Tahoe. Reminiscing would be recalling where they hiked, cooking together, and building fond memories to cherish over and over again.

Remembering is more about: Where did I put my keys?

Reminiscence therapy can give the feeling of success and confidence. To share something meaningful brings joy and happiness to others.

How to redirect anxiety and agitation with new residents in the care home?

When moving into a new environment, behaviors can arise with anxiety and agitation. This is often a result from trying to make sense out how they ended up at this new location and where their family is?

Here are some ideas and ways to adapt new residents into your care home. Keep in mind, what is good for the body, is good for the mind.

*Monitor personal comfort. Check for pain, hunger, thirst, constipation, full bladder, fatigue, infections and skin irritation.

*Provide an opportunity for exercise. Go for a walk. Garden together. Put on music and dance.

*Provide reassurance. Use calming phrases such as: “You are safe here” or “I’m sorry that you are upset” or “How can I help?”

*Involve the person in activities that will give purpose and dignity. Set the table, fold the laundry, check the mail, or help with the dishes. Find things that they will enjoy.

*Provide a structured routine. Getting out of bed and going to bed, meals, snacks, medications, and exercise should all be completed daily and consistently at the same times.

*See the doctor. Rule out any physical causes or medication-related side effects.

How to start the conversation about in home care with my parents?

Tips for the conversation :

*Find out what is important for your loved one to continue to live in their home?

*Avoid acting like a parent

*Any resistance may be a result of fear of losing control

*Put yourself in their shoes- it may be hard for them to admit they can no longer do everything for themselves anymore.

*Suggest ideas without being pushy.

*Meet with your parents Dr. for an opinion.

If you have any more questions about In Home Care please reach out to A Senior Connection, and we will gladly find out which options and services will work best for you and your parent.

3 ways to re-direct exit seeking behavior

1. Identify the time of day when the behavior is at its peek. Offer activities and physical exercise to reduce agitation, anxiety and restlessness.

2. Offer reassurance. Do they feel lost? or confused?

3. Ensure all basic needs are met. Are they looking for a place to use the restroom? are they hungry? need hydration? Would they like to talk to a family member?