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Great Low Impact Exercises for Seniors

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Great Low Impact Exercises for Seniors

Taking care of our bodies gets increasingly important as we age. The better shape we stay in, the more likely we are to ward off disease and body deterioration. Finding exercises that are easy as we age isn’t always easy, though. It’s important to make sure that our bodies can handle the exercises without worsening a condition. For seniors, this means low impact exercises – basically anything that avoids putting a lot of pressure on bones and joints (running is a big no-no). Staying in shape as we age doesn’t have to be difficult or painful. 

Swimming and Water Aerobics – The great thing about water is that it’s basically zero impact. The water helps hold you up, but you still have enough resistance FROM the water to get your muscles moving and your heart rate up. It’s a good way to lose weight and gain muscle without worrying about hurting your joints or bones in the process. Water aerobics classes are also a good way to meet other people with similar interests!

Yoga and Tai Chi – Getting a good connection between mind and body remains important as people age. Yoga and Tai Chi are both great solutions for this. Since all of the movements are meant to be fluid and fairly slow, it means that joints and bones won’t be strained during the workout. There is a lot of stretching and toning involved in both Yoga and Tai Chi; they help to build flexibility and prevent injuries. Most local gyms and studios offer Yoga classes and some even cater to the 55+ crowd for a custom workout.

Low Impact Aerobic and Stretching – These exercises can help keep your body and mind in good condition for longer. Always consult a doctor before you start any kind of exercise routine to make sure that your body can handle it!

Walking and Biking – Biking is nearly no impact, but it can be hard on the knees. Walking follows along these same lines. The most important thing to remember when picking up a walking or biking routine (after your doctor has given you the okay) is to get a good pair of shoes – they should fit well and support your feet as well as your body. Try walking on trails with friend or family to get the most out of a walking routine. It can help you get in touch with nature and spend some extra time with those that you hold dearest.

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