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Clever Little Lies

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Clever Little Lies

A play about two couples and their hopes dreams and infidelities! But before we talk about the play, let’s talk about the B Street Theater. I am a person who enjoys taking in an experience from all of the senses, and from the moment you turn the corner and head down the dead end street you know you are in for an experience. The theater sits right on the railroad tracks, and when I say right on the tracks, I mean RIGHT ON THE TRACKS! During the play a train went by and at first I tried to figure out how they managed to get the vibration and sound so spot on, and then, what a train had to do with the play, I soon realized it was not part of the play, it was the 7 O’clock train going by. It did not distract from the play, but added a certain charm and character to the experience. The building is deceivingly small from the outside, when you walk into the theater you are greeted with a large entrance and lobby area. The room was filled with the smell of popcorn and the buzz in the room was of the day’s events and the excitement of seeing Clever Little Lies.  The staff was friendly and all smiles and seemed just as excited about the play as the attendees. As you walk into the theater to take your seat you are greeted with a simple but fluid design of a small stage set directly in the center of the seating. The theater has 112 seats and I do not believe there is a bad one in the house. Once seated the producer came out and made a few announcements and a brief description of a few of the plays on the horizon, as well as, the status of the B Street’s move to their new location. Although only seeing one play at this theater, I think I will miss the sound of the train going by when the new theater opens.

Now on to the play….. Clever Little is about family, marriage, infidelity, and love. It takes place in a locker room, a car, and a living room, and in those three places, lives are changed forever. A mother’s intuition is like a heat seeking missile; it locks onto a target and will not rest until she makes a mess everywhere! Alice, played by Julia Brothers, is the mom with the sixth sense and Bill Sr., played by Rich Herbert, is the dad who cannot seem to keep a secret from his wife. After having a heart to heart with his son Bill, played by Jason Kuykendall, in the locker room after a tennis game, Bill Sr. finds out that Bill has been having an affair with a 25 year old fitness instructor (can you say cliché?). From there, as you can guess, Alice pulls the information from Bill Sr. and invites Bill and his wife Jane, played by Tara Sissom, over for cheesecake, and what ensues is a rollercoaster of emotions with twists and turns that will truly make you laugh and cry. Clever Little Lies is a must see!

The Playwright Joe DiPietro is beloved by the members of The B Street Theater due to his play The Virgin Weeps, which was an unsolicited play sent to the B Street Theater from DiPietro in 1994. This play took the theater from the depths of despair and allowed them to become the vibrant and active theater it is today. Joe brought Clever Little Lies to the B Street Theater directly after its extended stay off-Broadway due to his deep roots with the theater.


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